Parents need to be involved with school activities

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OK, it’s that time of year again.
As our students get geared up for a new school year, it is also time for parent meetings, club events, team meetings and other things that fill up our calendar. Every year, the same parents get involved at these meetings and events, but we need all parents to join in the fun.
Parents, if your student is involved, they need you to be involved as well. It does not matter if it is academic programs, band, sports, chorus or any of the many programs at our schools, these programs can only strive and grow with the help of parents.
There are plenty of ways that you can get involved: Volunteer to help at a sports game; come to a meeting to give new ideas; help with fundraising; cheer for students at a band competition; volunteer to chaperone a team or program trip;  or help out at a chorus or band concert.
Whatever it is that your child is interested in, they will excel further if they see their parents are behind them 100 percent and are willing to provide support for the program.
We have wonderful coaches, directors, teachers and program leaders at our schools, but they cannot do it all on their own.
They need the support of parents and the community. Most importantly, our students deserve the support of their parents and community.
The students work hard, practice hard and play hard for these teams and programs.
Parents can appreciate that dedication by giving their time to help.
You may be surprised how rewarding it is for you as well. Please get involved.

Kathryn A. Burch
Indian Land