Paper redeems itself with stories

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By The Staff

I enjoyed editor Barbara Rutledge's recent column "Conversations, tidbits and FYI's." I can only imagine how many complaints you must get any given day.

But I, too, harbor a list that irritates me.

I have submitted information to The Lancaster News. And because of miscommunication and inconsistent procedures my information was not published or lost. Also, I had my personal photos misplaced.

I had just lost all hope in The Lancaster News.

But then I was delightfully surprised when The Lancaster News published the story about the baptism of the 104-year-old Florence Alexander. It was wonderful.

Praise God, he is still working in hearts and lives. I was greatly touched and I know the ones involved got a very special blessing.

The article about Sadie Barton Howard was very inspiring. I love family history. What a happy and joyous surprise to find this photo after all these years.

I am so thankful you shared this story with the readers of Lancaster. A lot of former Springs employees share a connection that is hard for others to understand, but stories like these shed a light that even they can get.

The photo and story of the dump truck that turned over coming off the U.S. 521 ramp onto the S.C. 9 bypass, gave me chills. I am terrified of that spot.

When you are coming down the bypass and must get off on 200 North, as I do to go home, drivers on the U.S. 521 ramp think they have the right of way.

It is a miracle that no one has been killed. Whoever designed those exits must not even drive.

Lastly, the cartoon about the pothole resembled the one on Potter Road, between Lingles Crossroads and Camp Creek Church or Sunnybrook Lane, off Everall Road.

I am sure other readers thought it was their road, as Lancaster County has the worst roads in the state.

I just wanted to let you know that although I am not always happy with the way things turn out, I am grateful for our local paper.

Thank you.

Lancaster resident Helen Shehane said she is a faithful reader of The Lancaster News.