Paper did poor job of covering TEA Party

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By The Staff

I believe that subscribers to The Lancaster News look in each issue for the coverage on the major events that happen around the county. I, for one, was disappointed that there was no coverage of the TEA Party of July 3 until July 9, or until the third paper after the event.

After the wait, the coverage consisted of two faded black and white photos that failed to provide any coverage of the meeting. The people of Lancaster County need to be informed that the TEA Party is not a political event.

Although political candidates were present, it was not confined to any particular party. The TEA Party deals with issues (Taxed Enough Already) and not specific people in elected office or candidates for the next election. The gathering of July 3 at the former Elrod auto dealership drew somewhere between 350 and 400 individuals. There was no voter registration and no one telling the people how to vote in November, but stayed with issues that concern most of us.

Also in the media (not in The Lancaster News) were articles and stories that said the TEA Party exposed racism within the TEA Party movement. That is not true. At every meeting in Lancaster that I have attended, there have been at least two African-Americans on the platform, with speaking parts, and it was not about discrimination or blacks being treated wrong or how this whole movement is trying  push the country back into the days of slaves. That is not true either.

People who are looking to the national media, major broadcast networks and so many magazine articles for the news are not getting the true news, but the slanted version that expresses their view of the issues and makes a major effort to present their side of the story with little or no coverage of other view points.

I believe that The Lancaster News can be depended on to present a fair version of both sides of the news that affects every one of us. I hope so.

If there is another TEA Party meeting before the November elections, I would hope that our newspaper would cover the event, reporting exactly what was being said and by whom, and also, maybe, some good color pictures such as the recent coverage of parades and other gatherings in the county. Thank you.

William Wallace