Owner explains change from game room to Chad’s place

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By The Staff

I understand Pastor Andy Hart’s confusion concerning the article, “Pastor questions motive of game room owners,” in the Nov. 7 edition of The Lancaster News about Chad’s Game Room.

Let me try to bring to light where this confusion originated. We began working on the idea of Chad’s Game Room in July with our grand opening scheduled for Aug. 3. We cleaned up the property, passed out fliers, made signs and sent an introduction of our business to The Lancaster News to let everyone in the community know that we offered clean, fun, friendly nightlife with entertainment. Everyone we spoke with appeared to be excited about our concept as we are.

As a mom and a new member of the community, I totally agree with Becky Catoe-Aikey, Drug-Free communities coordinator. Establishments, which offer smoothies, milkshakes and non-alcoholic beverages, are indeed vital for our community.

Then, through our patrons, it was brought to our attention that there are hard-working, responsible adults who would also like to have a clean, fun, friendly nightlife with entertainment. So, to create an environment where teens and parents could come to the same place, we applied to the Secretary of State and became a private, non-profit corporation. This would allow us to combine and provide an atmosphere the community at large can enjoy. Within the same realm, we, as a private corporation, have set forth guidelines known as bylaws for acceptance into the membership – detouring drugs, gang-related activities and violence. We feel that this will allow us to maintain the clean, fun, friendly atmosphere we set out to accomplish.

We changed our name from Chad’s Game Room to Chad’s Place, as you can see displayed on the T-shirts we are wearing in the Nov. 7 edition. When The Lancaster News photographer took our picture for the article, we told him of the changes that had taken place. Unfortunately, the changes were omitted from the article.

We, at Chad’s Place, extend a heartfelt welcome to Pastor Hart and members of the community to visit with us as our guests. We would like to give each of you the opportunity to look at our bylaws and give us the opportunity to explain how we feel this combination will work. We also offer each of you in our community an open ear to any suggestions that will enhance and enforce the challenge of working together to achieve a mutual goal.

I feel our community can come together and make Chad’s Place different from any other in Lancaster County. I hope this will clear up any confusion and misconception members of our community may share with Pastor Hart.

Harriett Wilson

Chad’s Place president