Our school district blessed to have talented teachers

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The late Pat Bufford. Robbie Lou Chesser. Mary Ester Faile. Tom McDuffie. Erlinda Broughton. Carolyn Jordan. Deborah Keenan. Jane Roscoe. Linda Easley.  Carolyn Petroski. Bob Bundy. Anne Seegars.
These are the names of a few, and only of a few, of some of the most influential people ever to enter my life – teachers.
These people taught me far more than algebra, English, history or chemistry.
They helped develop my character, creativity, charisma and a craving for learning that persists today.
Recently, dozens of Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce board members, Lancaster County School District employees and our superintendent worked side by side stuffing welcome back teachers’ bags, filled with goodies and coupons donated by area businesses. As we worked, I thought about what it was all for.
Teachers are called to be leaders, who throughout a school day, wear many hats. They are instructors, cheerleaders, coaches, guidance givers, discipline dispensers, mentors and, for the luckiest of children – friends. Our school district is blessed to have some of the most educated, talented people working hard every day for Lancaster County children.
I wasn’t called to be a teacher, but I was called to fill a supporting role for teachers, administrative staff and support personnel.
I thank all of you educators for the roles you play each day in the lives of Lancaster County’s children. I thank you all for the calling that you follow each day, and I thank God for my calling to do what I am doing.

Joli O. Elder