Our faith is the reason we can cope with tragedies

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How do you cope when you hear there has been a shooting at an elementary school where your child attends?
How do you cope when you get the news that all the children are accounted for except the class where your child is a student?
How do you cope when someone tells you the sad news that everyone in that classroom is believed to be dead?
How do you cope when you are asked to identify the body of your son or daughter and the only way possible is by the clothes they wear – the ones you put on them as they prepared for school that day?
How do you cope when you sit down at the dinner table for the evening meal, and there is an empty chair he or she sat in for those short years? How do you cope when you remember the smile that would melt your heart when he or she told you about the events of the day at school?
How do you cope when you remember the last conversation when he or she reminded you about an upcoming soccer game or a shopping trip you had promised to buy that special item?
How do you cope when you remember tucking him or her in for the night, the last kiss on the cheek, the last “goodnight Mom or Dad” and the last ‘I love you?’”
How do you cope when you look at the Christmas tree he or she helped to decorate and the gifts with their names on them?
How do you cope with the pain and heartache when you stand at the gravesite to say your last goodbye and “I love you” to your son or daughter?
We, as believers, cope with the tragedies of this world that so many times claim the lives of our children without reason. We cope because we believe in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. With his resurrection, we have the assurance we will see these children once again. We will see their smiling faces, hear their laughter and hug them tightly in our arms.
That’s how we cope.

George I. Cox