Our canoes heading for rim of impending fiscal cliff

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Some folks are quick to find fault in others. Golly, I never thought I would see the day when a  business man was overly concerned about a prospect’s souce of income, Mark Logans’ letter to the editor, “Time to stop the gravy train,” in the Dec. 2, 2012, edition of The Lancaster News. Seems the real hitch was coming up with the required deposit amount. The prospect was described as young. Well, that may eliminate a lot of folks.
Usually Social Security recipients have a few years on the calendar. Maybe this individual has a disability and is receiving a disability check. To the best of my knowledge approval in such cases ain’t easy to come by.
I am getting weary of defending government checks in general. My military pay and almost 40 years of civilian salary was subject to federal and state withholding over which I had no control.  My check is the government’s return on my mandatory investment.
The government owes me and I certainly don’t feel like I am on a gravy train. It is more akin to a canoe heading for the rim of an impending fiscal cliff. It is a shame that some take advantage of government programs. In today’s mindset, the 47 percent don’t matter. That leaves 52 percent to support the 1 percent who really count. In the meantime, how can I get one of them free phones?

W.B. Evans