Options for building courthouse more like blackmail

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By William Hough

I agree with Dave Zolgman’s column “New courthouse doesn’t need to be $33M palace.” Why not renovate the old Winn Dixie? Is the old Badcock Furniture Store vacant? These are two possibilities. We don’t need a pretty building for our court system to function. How many rooms and what sizes do they need to be? Considering the high cost of gas, the increased cost of food/goods as a result of the high gas prices, the loss of jobs, and those living on a fixed income, we don’t need to spend a penny more than is necessary to run the court system.

If we vote in favor of a sales tax increase, does anyone think the sales tax will be dropped once we have paid for the courthouse? By then, there will be another issue that will require more of our money. Isn’t telling us that if we vote against the sales tax increase, they will raise tax mileage kind of like blackmail?

If this is the only choice, why doesn’t County Council just go ahead and decide this for all of us, too? The citizens of Lancaster County should have the choice to simply say no to any form of tax increase. That would be my response if I had a real choice in the matter.

William Hough