Opinions on health-care act

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Voters can decide fate of Obamacare

Presented to Congress on a “Vote ‘aye’ for this so you can have a chance to read it” basis, this bill was passed by Congress without thought or reflection. To my knowledge, no thorough, systematic, complete review of what this bill will and will not do has ever been presented to the American people.
Chief Justice John Roberts had the opportunity to simply find the entire law unconstitutional and thus have the court decide the future of health care in the United States. The chief justice has instead thrown this civilization-changing issue back where it belongs – in front of the people. He has done this at a time when the people have an unusual opportunity to look into the matter, decide what they want to do, and promptly reward or punish the candidates who will do what the people think should be done.
I sincerely hope the American people take this historic opportunity to look through the spin, sound bites, glitz, etc., and carefully evaluate how their society is working in general and how the health-care segment should work in particular. I hope they will decide what to do for good and sufficient reaons and then implement that decision as the Constitution provides – in the voting booth on Nov. 6.
J.R. Wilt
Van Wyck