Open letter to every S.C. House member

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You have a golden opportunity to prove to your constituents that you do want to represent them, and that you do care about what they think.
The recent vote on the Constitutional amendment gives you that opportunity.   
While the measure passed with less than 56 percent of the vote, even though it passed in the House without opposition, should tell you something. It says that there were at least some voters who read past the first sentence of the amendment. Because, if they read the rest of the amendment, then looked at  the explanation provided, they saw your attempt to bamboozle the voter. Your explanation indicates that if the way the lieutenant governor was elected was altered that change would mean his job would also require to be altered. It is clear that it is the other changes in the amendment that would change the role of  the lieutenant governor.
While there is probably a huge majority of voters who would like to see the lieutenant governor and governor elected on the same ticket, they do not necessarily like the change in his role in the Senate.
The third step of changing our Constitution here in South Carolina requires you, the legislature, to pass the amendment again. I say kill this version now. And since you did not want to put this into place until 2018, that gives us another chance to vote on how we elect the lieutenant governor in the 2014  election. You can even put the change of that role on the ballot – just list it as a separate question.

Larry Richardson
Myrtle Beach