Open letter to Councilman Larry Honeycutt

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Mr. Honeycutt, as an elected official of Lancaster County, you are considered a politician.
The definition of a politician, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is a person actively engaged in party politics, frequently used in a derogatory sense, with implications of seeking personal or partisan gain, scheming and opportunism.
Remember when things were booming in Indian Land several years ago? You were our very best friend – you came to every grand opening, picked up a shovel at every ground breaking, even wore a hard hat on occasions, the whole nine yards.
Things have dried up and we haven’t seen you since – dropped us like a hot potato.
Now you have made it quite clear you are not concerned, nor will you help us in any way.
You also sent me an e-mail; it said you didn’t care what came here as long as it brought jobs.
It really bothers me that you voted for the B-3 moratorium, then voted to remove it even before it expired. We can look like Cherry Road, so what?!
Mr. Honeycutt, as a politician, you take the good with the bad. Ask any of them.
My advice to you is if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!
County Council members should always do the right thing for the residents of Lancaster County, not just a few. Mr. Honeycutt, you don’t know when you will need us again.

Pat Eudy
Indian Land