Only one woman running for Senate seat

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Wendy Petzel is running for the S.C. State Senate District 16 seat and is the only woman candidate.
When elected, voters will send Wendy to be the only woman in the current state Senate. South Carolina women are grossly under-represented at the tables of power, where public policy decisions are made. South Carolina ranks 50th – last in the nation in terms of women in public office.
In the 2007-08 Legislature, there were two women state senators and 13 women members of the House of Representatives, meaning just 8.8 percent of the Legislature was female, according to The Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics.
In the 2008 election, only four women ran for and lost S.C. Senate seats.
The near-absence of women’s input into critical decisions of the 21st century is a monumental waste of one of South Carolina’s most valuable resources and a staggering affront to women, who make up 51.3 percent of the state’s population. Isn’t this “taxation without representation?”
You can break South Carolina’s political gender gap with your vote for Wendy Petzel on Feb. 22.  Wendy encourages you to view her qualifications and innovative conservative platform on her website at www.WendyPetzel.com and “like” her on Facebook.

Angela Armstrong