Only Indian Land gets the cluster

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I have written to both Councilmen Brian Carnes and Larry McCullough regarding cluster developments to  ask why they believe cluster development is so important to Indian Land. All they will say is they have studied this and believe it will be a benefit to the community, but never how and in what way.
Only Mattamy Homes benefits financially from this cluster. 
Mattamy’s Treetops proposal is a $350 million project by a billion dollar real estate developer. Space is very limited in the Treetops site, due to the large amount of unbuildable land. The cluster development proposal that we have been dealing with is one that lets Mattamy Homes cram 933 homes into the Treetops site.
Brian Jenest, who is employed by Mattamy Homes, is a paid consultant for Lancaster County helping the Planning Department write the Cluster Development Ordinance.
They will give the people of Indian Land green space – gullies and drainage ponds.
Are residents of Indian Land being led down a scary path by the councilmen we voted on to protect and promote Indian Land?
Write and call all the Lancaster County Council members and Planning Commission members and tell them what you want!

Jane Tanner
Indian Land