One day lawn mower thief will be caught

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By The Staff

To the brave team who took the John Deere mower from our yard, you should be ashamed. If you knew us, you would not have taken from us. We would have given you the shirt from our backs, but you would have known that, had you known us.

But since you didn’t ask, let me tell you our situation, just in case it interests you. Neither of us is employed, thanks to the economic situations in our county, and really can’t afford another mower at this time. So perhaps you can tell the person you sold our mower to – for your quick fix or next meal – that if he’s close to our neighborhood, perhaps he could stop by and keep our lawn cut now since we don’t have a mower to use.

Seriously, you know who you are and so does someone else. This was not a one-man job. Just to alert the people of Lancaster County, we can no longer trust anyone. It is a shame that we have folks roaming our streets just looking for their next hit or victim.

As we sit and recollect how someone could have been so brave, it is very disturbing to realize that someone has been watching us for days or weeks to see when they could hit us. We also have a very loud barking dog in the fence who barks at his own shadow, so I know he heard you and barked, but apparently you fed him something to keep him quiet until you could make your way out of our yard. I just hope someone reads this and realizes that they might have seen a truck or a car with a trailer on this road during the wee hours of the morning on April 29. We know you had to push the mower either into the circle in front of our house or to the road beside our house to load it.

We followed your tracks through the yard to the highway. I hope you lose sleep or your conscious bothers you just a little. We just wanted you to know that we don’t know if we can find work to replace the jobs we’ve lost, but we certainly aren’t going to steal to make it.

Once your are caught, you should pay because you will eventually be caught and confess – maybe not on this earth, but one day.

Yvonne and Chip Krimminger