Old IL ZIP code expires July 1

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By Jenny Hartley

Lancaster County Auditor Cheryl Morgan wants to remind Indian Land residents to change their addresses to reflect the community's new ZIP code.

The old Indian Land ZIP code, 29715, expires July 1. The area shared the ZIP with the Fort Mill area in York County.

Last year, Indian Land was issued a ZIP code of its own, 29707, although it's still listed as a Fort Mill ZIP.

Morgan said she is worried that in the next few months, some residents in Indian Land will not receive their tax bills for vehicles, if they haven't notified the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles of their new ZIP code.

The vehicle tax bills are prepared from computer data supplied by SCDMV, which includes the address field. They simply use the data supplied by the owner, who is legally obligated to notify SCDMV of any address changes.

"This could be an issue if the owner never receives a tax bill and doesn't check their tag to see when it would run out," Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis said.

"If they are stopped by the Highway Patrol for having an expired tag, the fact they never got a tax bill is not a valid legal excuse and they could get a ticket," he said.

After July, the state will be issuing new license plates, Morgan said, so having the correct ZIP is crucial.

"That's going to be very important as to where those plates are going to be mailed," Morgan said. "Residents need to do it (change their ZIP code) as soon as possible."

When Indian Land residents come to the Lancaster County Administration Building to pay their car taxes, they can receive their renewal stickers for their license tags at the county building from County Treasurer Dick Rowell.

"This is a new service Dick implemented last year in an effort to make his operation as customer friendly as possible," Willis said.

For details, call the county auditor's office at 285-7424, or call the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles at (800) 442-1368.