Oglesby letter: VW post office vital part of community

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The Van Wyck post office was the subject of a community meeting July 9.
The meeting was scheduled to be held at the post office, but was moved to the community center, due to threatening weather and the large crowd trying to fit into our tiny “village post office.”
It seems that small towns across America are losing the heart of their community as the U.S. Postal Service downsizes, closing or drastically reducing counter service hours.
Local post offices all over America have served communities in many ways other than mail delivery for over a century. 
Our post office, in fact, has been in operation for 125 years and is part of the history of this area.
A Van Wyck address or postmark identifies you as a member of this unique community.
Our postmaster, like those in small post offices all over the country, is the unofficial mayor of the town.
If you want community information, go to the post office.
If you have good news, go to the post office; you won’t have to tell another soul (as I did when I found out I was expecting twins; it was our first stop).
If you have bad news, go to the post office; three casseroles and two pies will magically appear at your house by suppertime.
In rural areas, where your neighbor may be a mile or so away, the post office is a safe place for your mail to land, waiting for you to pick it up before someone else decides to collect it out of your roadside mailbox.
Unfortunately, once a government entity makes a decision, rarely does community concern or outcry succeed in changing it.
Large housing developments, more sporadic commercial development, wildlife spottings where once they roamed freely, litter and crime are the norm today as cities gobble up the small towns dotting the map.
People who moved to the peace and quiet of “the country” suddenly find that the city has followed them home.
It is sad to see this gentler, kinder way of life fading away.
Pat Oglesby
Van Wyck