Obamacare will leave us in parking lot

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I gotta confess, when I really feel bad, I seek an appointment with my doctor. At that time, cost is no object.  Sure, we fork over a co-pay, which I guess is icing on the cake, then we relax and in a few days a letter comes in the mail telling us Medicare ain’t gonna pay a lion’s share. Where did I get that 80/20 stuff? Another month of pork and beans and white bread. Now you know the real origin of “refried beans.” By the way, Walmart has a special on Van Camp’s Pork and Beans. They still taste as good as they did on those overnight Boy Scout campouts long ago.
I am concerned when the so labeled Obamacare becomes effective, will those of us on a rather fixed income be left in the parking lot? The only sound coming from Washington is cuts to social programs and efforts to  round up support for involvement in Syria.
Really, is it selfish to place the welfare of Americans ahead of others? We welcome illegals and toss the poor, homeless, and old on the scrap heap.

W.B. Evans