Obama spin machine out to scare senior citizens

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Now that Paul Ryan has been selected as Mitt Romney’s running mate the President Barack Obama spin machine is all over the media with scare tactics for seniors. Let’s look at reality: It is the Democrat-welfare mortgage scam that has caused seniors to loose needed equity in the homes for either current living or for their children.
Senior citizens are getting nothing on their bank savings so the federal government can subsidize super low interest rates on Obama’s debt.
It is Obama who wants to double long-term gains tax on senior’s investments for retirement to punish them for being responsible and saving.
It was Obama who illegally threatened to stop Social Security payments.
It is Obama’s devalued dollar that is increasing the price of everything for seniors, higher than the indexed inflation rate for Social Security adjustments.
It is the Obama FICA payroll tax cut scam that is currently reducing funding to Social Security and Medicare by almost $170 billion each year.
It is the massive Obama welfare scam that is set to steal one-half trillion dollars from senior citizens’ Medicare and increasing Medicare premiums to help fund Obama’s dependency fans and illegal immigrants.
There should no doubt which party is, and plans to continue, ripping off senior citizens.

Nicholas Pasquine