Obama, his family, our country need our prayers

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By The Staff

The Rev. Steve Stewart found it necessary to let the public know in an editorial column that he is not a racist. He backed this statement up by saying that he voted for Alan Keyes, a black candidate who ran as an independent. This is a problem for me because I believe in the famous Mark Twain quote, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Why couldn’t the reverend just say what he had to say without bringing up Obama’s ethnicity? Rev. Stewart said that America has turned its back on God; he never mentioned how he came to that conclusion.

In his column, Rev. Stewart bought up points, none of which had to do with how America has turned it back on God. He mentioned the Russian Revolution, which has nothing to do with the election or America losing sight of what it was built upon. Obama’s platform was built upon change – something we all know. We do not know what his term will bring, however.

He also mentioned Obama being the most liberal president. Take a look at where this country would be without liberals being in office. If it weren’t for liberals, there would be no regulation on banks and stock brokerage firms, no Social Security, no national parks or monuments, and no Child Labor Act. Are liberals really that bad? I would say no.

Rev. Stewart also made it clear that Barack Obama was only elected because, “The citizens of the United Sates are scared.” Since you want to bring religion into government, it was all in God’s plan.

I say this because of the Biblical numerology. Barack Obama will be president number 44. The number four represents “reining or ruling the whole world.” It also means “expanding.” Four plus four equals eight; eight means new beginnings.

In Biblical numerology, the 40s stand for “test and trials that end in victory.” The election date was 11/04/2008. Eleven means “unfinished;” four, once again, means “reining over world.”  Eleven plus four equals 15. Fifteen stands for “grace, liberty and freedom;” 2008, two plus eight equals 10. Ten stands for “law, order, and measurements.” Ten plus  15 equals 25; 25 stands for “forgiving sin.”

In Swahili, the name Obama means “blessed one.” He is blessed to take this position as the most important man on Earth.

I am doing what the Rev. Stewart asked us to do – I am letting my voice be heard. I think that race had a prodigious amount to do with what Rev. Stewart had to say. If not, he would have submitted his letter beforehand about America being scared and turning its back on God.

McCain would have had to deal with the same issues – getting our troops out of Iraq, building up our economy and making the threats towards America infinitesimal. I don’t think that Rev. Stewart would have even cared enough about America “turning its back on God” if McCain would have been President-elect. Rev. Stewart never stated how Americas’ back was turned.

Reverend, how about you keeping President-Elect Obama and his family in your prayers, and trusting your fellow Americans to choose a leader that is best for this country, and not discrediting him because you have different views on one or two subjects.

Tiera Stewart