Obama, friends are what ail our country

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President Barack Obama gave another campaign speech at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication.
He made statements that if Martin Luther King Jr. was here today, he would have said etc., etc., etc. What a lousy thing to do when that person is no longer able to verify what he would say. 
Obama keeps blaming the previous administration, Wall Street and the big banks for the failed economy.
He fails to mention that it was his administration that gave billions of tax dollars that we did not have to those very banks and Wall Street firms.
Is it a coincidence that many of those who got bailouts were big contributors to his campaign?
He fails to mention that his jobs bill is no different than the last one.
He fails to mention that most of the construction workers who are out of work do not work on roads, bridges and railroads.
 He also forgets about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the congressmen and senators who were at the root of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco.
No business or corporation is too big to fail. Had they gone into bankruptcy, they would either be eventually bought out or would have reorganized and not have to go bankrupt. 
Obama and his loyal people in the administration,  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Holder, want complete control over our lives and our country in order to rule over us and line their own pockets and those of their friends. They are the most anti-U.S Constitution and therefore anti-American politicians who have ever been elected to public office.
I hope we send a big message in the coming elections. We are sick of career politicians who do not serve the majority of American citizens.
We also need to stop the contributions of lobbyists and special interest groups.
If they want to lobby, OK, but no contributions to anyone in the White House, Congress or Senate.
Stan Sitcler
Indian Land