November Yard of the Month

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Wilsons' 'Home Sweet Home' more than a house

By Sherry Archie

If you travel Charlotte Highway often, you’ve probably noticed the cute home with a parking area surrounded by a low brick wall just north of the city limits.


If you haven’t noticed the house, Woody and Linda Wilson’s landscaping most likely caught your eye. 

Tidy sculpted beds filled with a variety of low maintenance shrubs and other perennials topped with freshly tossed pine straw surround the house. Fresh seasonal container gardens and quaint front porch rocking chairs paint an almost flawless image.

That cozy setting, at 2730 Charlotte Highway, drew the attention of Camille Dunlap, who recommended the Wilsons as Yard of the Month for November.

Dunlap, a member of the Green Gardeners Garden Club, said the couple has earned recognition for all of their hard work. 

“The lawn is well manicured and filled with beautiful shrubbery,” Dunlap said. “The rocking chairs on the porch look so inviting.”

The Wilson’s lawn is always neatly trimmed and the shrubs shaped perfectly. Woody sees to that.

For Woody Wilson, this “Home Sweet Home” is more than a house. He was born there. 

Woody said his dad, the late Hazel Wilson, built the original two-room house in 1945.  

Since then, their home has been remodeled several times, including 2001, when the most recent upgrades were made. 

At that time, they added a mother-in-law suite for his mom to be near him.  

The yard also has seen many changes in the past 66 years.

“Originally, the yard was pretty well covered with sweet gum trees and sweet gum balls,” Woody said. “I knew they had to go.  We took all those trees out while the construction was being done on the house.”

Once the sweet gums were gone, red and sugar maple trees were added as replacements.   

Later, crape myrtles were planted throughout the yard as the tidy, sculpted beds were designed and created. 

To complement the shape of the beds, the Wilsons added a curvy sidewalk to lead guests from the driveway to the front porch.  

A grouping of dwarf spirea bushes accent the turns of the walkway, with the whitish blades of Aztec grass following the border of the walkway and continuing throughout the other beds around the house. 

Woody said Aztec grass was a logical choice because it is more tolerant of hot weather and offers more color variation than liriope.  

Along the front on the porch, dwarf firepower nandinas are just beginning to redden for the winter.  

The waxy green leaves of Indian hawthorn offer a vivid contrast to the red nandinas and the whitish Aztec grass that is about to go dormant for the winter.  

Nellie Stevens hollies neatly trimmed in pyramid shapes flank each corner of the porch.

Tucked away in the corner of the house, a camellia sasanqua (Christmas camellia) bush is covered in brilliant red blooms. The buds start appearing in late November before swelling with flowers. It usually continues to bloom well into the winter.  

Shrubs continue alongside the driveway and into the backyard. Here carissa and yaupon hollies surround the now dormant crape myrtles.

Yard of the Month is sponsored by the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs.  Winners receive a $25 gift certificate from Home Depot.

To nominate a Yard of the Month, please call Patty Noll at (803) 285-6232.