Northerners seek to make IL like former homes

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My regrets to letter writer Pat Eudy, who must endure the tragedy of  living in Indian Land and  be represented by only one area councilman. Makes one want to throw more tea overboard, doesn’t it?
Gosh, I recall the days when we traveled to Charlotte and had to ride past those overgrown farm lands with only Steele Hill AME Zion Church and its historical arbor, Mr. Pettus’ store and cotton gin, the residence with the large windmill and, last but not least, the pony farm bordering the state line.
Seemed nobody wanted to farm anymore and the property values were so cheap that outside developers figured one way to make a quick buck was to buy it up, build houses and urge retirees from the frozen North to come South, where the living was easy and taxes low. Of course, no one mentioned that there were no upscale shopping facilities on site and it was a bit difficult pulling out of the development onto the main thoroughfare.
Sure enough, word of wealthy folks was enough incentive to draw small businesses and huddle them in tight little  enclaves along the main highway.
New residents want traffic lights, Sunday alcohol sales and rules and regulations to close down the few industrial plants because some just goofed up and bought homes without looking over the near horizon.
Sorry Lancaster County isn’t just like the places you left. Maybe the good old boys and girls on Lancaster County Council will come around to your way of thinking. Lord help the rest of us.
 W.B. Evans