No rain means LMS top night

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Track has banner night of racing

By The Staff

For the eighth straight week, clouds loomed over Lancaster Motor Speedway, again looking as if it would bring the dreaded word all race fans hate – rain. But Mother Nature relented and for the second straight week, the track got in a full event between brief showers. First up was the young guns. Starting on the front row were a pair of previous winners, Andrew Blackwood and Austin Baker. As the green fell, Blackwood charged to the front as behind him Josh Langley and Baker made a bid for second. For the first two laps, the duo battled, until finally Langley was able to get the better of Baker off turn 4. Langley then pushed his blue No. 7 trying to make up the distance Blackwood gained while he battled Baker for second. Just past halfway, Langley ran down Blackwood, dove under him, rubbed a bit, and briefly pulled into the lead. He wasn’t able to hang on the car, and looped it in turn two, bringing out the first caution. On the restart, it was all Blackwood, pulling away to a three-car advantage for the win. Finish: Andrew Blackwood, Austin Baker, Josh Langley, Andrew Yandle. u Richard Broome and Frankie McGuire made up row one for the super street class. Broome pulled a fender out front at the line as the race began. The pair rolled off into the corner just as they started, side by side, with McGuire digging in on the bottom, and Broome riding the high line. For the next four laps, they dueled neck and neck, neither able to get a clear edge. But on lap five, Broome’s car slid up the hill slightly, brushing the turn three wall and breaking his momentum, allowing McGuire to take the lead. From there, it was all McGuire, as Broome stayed in his tire tracks, but was unable to mount a challenge. Top five: Frankie McGuire, Richard Broome, Benki Kee, Josh Walden, Andy King. u Next up was the sportsman crates. Brook Beckham lined up inside of last week’s winner, Shaun Medlin. At the green’s drop, Medlin powered by Beckham for the lead. Behind him, Kenny Ramsey drew along the outside of Beckham for second. As the field raced off two, Ramsey washed up the hill, brushed the wall, slid to the inside, bouncing off Dennis Knight and Chris Bell as Beckham reclaimed  second. Bell managed to gather his car and take over third, with Ramsey charging back on the outside down the back chute. Knight fell in line behind them. Ramsey used the high line again to pass Bell going into turn three, and charged after Beckham. A spin by Matt Reynolds slowed the field on lap 4. On the restart, Ramsey drove hard into one, working Beckham’s inside once more, still trying to get back to second. The two battled for the next couple of laps, until finally at the halfway sign, Ramsey managed to clear Beckham and pursue the leader. Lap after lap, Ramsey was able to cut the interval slightly, but the laps were running out. With the white flag waving, Ramsey caught Medlin and dove to the inside. Side-by-side, they charged off two and down the backstretch. Ramsey kept his nose inside Medlin in three and four, and the two bounced off one another all the way to the stripe, with Medlin holding a slim lead at the line to take the win. Top five: Shaun Medlin, Kenny Ramsey, Chris Bell, Brook Beckham, Junior Stacks. u Mike Huey and David Yandle made up row one for the start of the late model main event. Huey shot ahead at the green. Andy Blackwood jumped to the outside of Yandle to take second. As the pack raced off turn two, Yandle’s car suddenly dove to the inside, with the engine making a sickly sound, ending his night and causing a yellow. On the restart, Huey again charged away from Blackwood. From there, Huey cruised to the win, several car lengths ahead of Blackwood. Top five: Mike Huey, Andy Blackwood, Todd Eury, Steve Davis, Reid Windham. u The pure street took to the track next for their main event led to the flag by Jason Starnes and Randy Greene. At the line, Steve Hinson looked to the inside of the front two, making it a three-way battle for the lead going into one. Starnes wrestled away the lead on the outside, and put a car length between himself and the hotly contested second spot. Jerry Sexton clawed his way into the fray by the middle of turn two, but Greene rocketed off the corner to take second. With Starnes leading, Greene, Hinson and Sexton continued fighting for second. By lap three, Hinson passed Greene, and he and leader Starnes separated themselves from the pack. Greene then fell into Sexton’s clutches and the two raced hard for third through the first half of the event. Meanwhile, the familiar red and yellow car of Frankie McGuire, who started dead last due to winning three races in row, continued to pick up spots lap after lap. At the halfway point, he joined the battle for third. On lap 7, McGuire rocketed to the outside, passing  Sexton and Greene to take third. He then set his focus on Hinson in second. Coming to the white, McGuire charged under Hinson, picking up that spot, but the pass was negated because of a caution. This set up a green-white-checker finish. On the restart, McGuire charged to the bottom, getting under Hinson and pressing Starnes for the lead. But contact was made among the top three, and Starnes went around. Caution was charged on McGuire and he was sent to the rear. McGuire refused to head the command, and as a result was black flagged. Once more on the restart, Starnes led the pack into one. Hinson looked to his inside, but Sexton drove in hard on the outside and coming to the white, completed the pass for second. Sexton made one more run on Starnes, but came up short at the line, giving the win to Starnes. Top five: Jason Starnes, Jerry Sexton, Steve Hinson, Randy Greene, Michael Outlaw. u City Chevrolet FASTRAK crates roared to life next. Brandy Baker and Andy Blackwood led the field to the start. Baker wasted little time putting his bright yellow No. 16 out front, as Blackwood dropped in line behind him. On lap 3, Harold Purser got loose exiting two, and made hard contact with the outside wall on the backstretch, nearly sending the car out of the speedway before sliding to a rest near the back entrance. Purser was helped from his car and taken to a local hospital for a possible broken wrist. When racing resumed, it was again all Baker leading flag to flag for the win. Top five: Brandy Baker, Mike Huey, Andy Blackwood, Chris Fite, Andy Hodges. u Last to hit the high banks was the super stock four division. Jeffrey McGuirt and Wes Helms made up row one for the start. Helms sailed his bright orange 98 Mustang to the inside and powered to the lead as McGuirt tried to get back under him as the pair came off turn two. It wasn’t to be, as Helms car proved too strong. That would be the only challenge made to Helms as he cruised to the win, leading every lap. Top five: Wes Helms, Jeffrey McGuirt, Ray Adams, Wes Rollins, Dustin Sweatt.