No need to build new LCEDC headquarters

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I’d like to know when Keith Tunnel became a self-appointed czar of Lancaster County? With all the numerous county-owned buildings spread throughout the county, he wants a brand spanking new office building that will only cost the county $692,000 by his estimate.
A new Lancaster County Economic Development headquarters for $692,000! Why? Why do we need it? With ample room in the AG Building (Founders old operations center), the empty temporary courthouse, an uncompleted floor in the new Taj Mahal, excuse me, county courthouse or the historic courthouse, why build a new building?
Why not the historic courthouse, also site of Lancaster’s Welcome Center? Located in the center of our historic downtown, and boasting 185 years of age, it’s a magnificent heirloom that should impress any corporate official looking to locate his company here. Many corporations embrace towns who display dedication to preserving their past.
So why spend $700,000? Oh, because Keith Tunnell wants it. The man who stood before County Council last month and talked about “the one that got away, the chance of a lifetime, the biggest economic investment in the history of Lancaster County.” Now, he couldn’t tell us who the company was, what they produced, how many jobs they were bringing or what their investment would be. But alas we lost them because Riverside Road was in such poor shape, and we didn’t have water or sewer there. And the laughable thing is, council bought it! No questions asked, none whatsoever, it was blindly accepted as gospel by the entire council.
Reminds me of when the Queen was coming to see me a few years back. Oh, I can’t tell you which queen, or when she was coming, or why she was coming, or where we were going, but she was coming, yessiree Bob.

Tim Boling