No gas stations for semi-trailer trucks in IL

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This letter is in response to Van Wyck resident J.R Wilt’s April 26 guest column, “Council is locking barn door after horse has gone.” Mr. Wilt states that S.C. 75 is beginning to pick up in truck traffic. Well, this is true, but not because of  gas stations. S.C. Department of Transportation lowered the weight limit on the bridge on Van Wyck Road last year, so now trucks use 75 to get to S.C. 5.  S.C. 75 is indeed very narrow and not a truck route.
Mr. Wilt also states that trucks come to Indian Land to buy fuel. This is not true at all. There are no gas stations that semi-trailer trucks can use in Indian Land. None are trucker-friendly, which means our rigs are too big to get in and out. The nearest fuel stop would be Wilco in Rock Hill. We, truck drivers, also try to avoid U.S. 521 North because of all the stop lights in that area.
I just wanted to clear this up for the folks in Indian Land.

Gary Deaton