Neighbor, officers should be commended for protecting neighborhood

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By The Staff

After reading Eric Grace’s letter “Reader appalled by dog shooting” in the June 22 edition of The Lancaster News, I thought about my dog, Butch.

Animals and humans are a lot alike. The difference is if we humans don’t like someone, we talk to others about the people we don’t like.

Dogs, whether small or big, have teeth. If they don’t like you, they attack.

I have a neighbor who owns a small daschund, who is normally very sweet. Once he got in a fight with another small dog. When the owner reached down to pick up the usually sweet pet, he bit the end of his finger off. Talking about biting the hand that feeds you.

The dogs Grace is referring to his letter were running loose.

The dogs were exhibiting hostility and a neighbor was worried about his children, so he made a call to law enforcement about the dangerous dogs.

He should be commended for caring about the welfare of his children and neighbors. Instead, Grace condemned the neighbor.

The dogs also challenged the officers who responded to the call and an officer had to shoot one of the dogs to protect himself.

Grace also condemned the officers.

Thank goodness letter writers David Jacob and Matt King responded with a common-sense approach praising the neighbor and officers for trying to keep their neighborhood safe from menacing dogs.

Myra and Billy Dale McCants