Nebraska family looking for information on relatives

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We are looking for some information on a local war hero and would appreciate any help from readers of The Lancaster News. We think someone who has knowledge of Lancaster and local family history would be able to help us.
My family is from a cattle ranch in Western Nebraska called the “Red Rose Ranch” that was founded in 1887. Since there is a lot of prairie grass but no roses in Western Nebraska we believe there is a connection between our family and Lancaster “The Red Rose City.”
The story begins with a Revolutionary War hero from Lancaster by the name of Night Knight.  Night, possibly Jonathan Knight, was likely born in the Camden District in 1751 and, according to pension records, fought in many battles from Sullivan’s Island to the Battle of Charleston before returning home to Lancaster. His name, along with other revolutionary war heroes, is on the plaque of the Hopkinsville Cemetery Chapel in Christian County, Ky. Emigrating westward we believe his grandson, James F. Knight, named a Nebraska ranch after his beloved town of Lancaster, S.C.
Does anyone know the history of Knight Road in Lancaster? Also, if anyone has family history tied to Night Knight (born 1751), his wife Sara House (married 1772) or his second wife, Rachel Rebecca Cunningham, (married 1792), I would appreciate any information.
We would also appreciate any information about his son James H. Knight (born about 1801 in the Lancaster region) and his wife, Martha McKinney (born about 1805) or Night Knight’s other children Joseph, David, Elijah, Simon, William, Rachel, Mary Ann, Susannah or John. I have included a picture of the barn of the Red Rose Ranch. If you have any information, please contact me at paul.knight@clsa.com or cal (347) 326-0367.

Paul R. Knight
Western Nebraska