NAN doesn't care for victims of crimes

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By The Staff

Your newspaper wrote a story about Martavious Carter, who was charged with arson and five armed robberies.

Then you wrote a story about the National Action Network (NAN) conducting a civil rights investigation. This is the same group who also conducted an investigation into the death of Maury Cunningham, who died at Lancaster Count Detention Center after being shocked with a Taser for more than two minutes several years ago. Officials said Cunningham attacked detention officers, stabbing two of them with a pencil (one in the eye) while trying to escape from jail.

It seems like this newspaper is taking sides.

You want us to feel sorry for the family of the inmate and the boy accused in the fires and robberies.

If the families cared so much for them, why wouldn't they keep the inmate out of trouble and the 17-year-old boy in school?

Do you not care for those who were injured by the inmate and their suffering?

How would you feel if you had been beaten up, robbed and put in the trunk of your car?

If NAN wants to investigate, let them investigate the families.

And let them find out why the courts keep letting criminals back out on the street.

Raymond Wilson

Heath Springs