Mulvaney response to issue 'amazing'

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By Lynne Caroll

In answer to Jane Massey’s letter last week, I really do not care who takes credit for the mowing either.

However, if Mick Mulvaney wants to have an political sign on his tractor, in this freedom of speech country, what is the probem?

It just so happens that as a private citizen, I asked Rep. Mulvaney about getting the roadways cut. I thought his response was amazing.

If we had waited for the S.C. Department of Transportation, there would have been a safety issue at every intersection along that stretch of highway.

And to those who thought Sunday was a bad choice, it was doneearly in the morning and some people work six days a week, and the only day they could help was Sunday.

Once again, this is a free country and those who helped made the choice to do it on a Sunday.

Lynne Carroll

Indian Land