Mulvaney not practicing what he preaches

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I find it interesting that Representative “Mick” Mulvaney decided to take advantage of the health care available to congressional members.
This plan is heavily subsidized with broad choices, generous provisions and low premiums.  
This is available at lower rates because it has about 8 million policyholders nationwide.
This situation reflects the unfairness and uncaring attitude that has been demonstrated by many politicians, most of whom are members of the Republican Party.
This insurance Mr. Malvaney has is much better than the so called “Obamacare” that he is so opposed to for everyone else.
For example:
u Under the Health Care Reform Law, 500,000 South Carolinians will gain coverage
u 5,500 lives will be saved
u 49,300 small business will be helped
Mr. Mulvaney’s reason for taking this insurance was that medical coverage for himself and his family now cost him more than it did when he was a state senator. Many of his constituents can’t afford medical coverage.
This is a  classic case of hypocrisy by not practicing what you preach.

Doug Huffstetler
Rock Hill