Mulvaney has intelligence, experience, drive to work for us

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By L.R. Maguire

A recent guest column was full of inaccuracies and showed a lack of understanding of the difficult and highly competitive business of bringing new jobs to our area.

Mandy Powers Norrell also showed her naivet by stating that she was against incentives because “companies only come to receive them, and then go away.”

Look around: Lehigh-Lancaster, Clark Control, Morrison Textile Machinery (Chester County) has been here for more than 40 years. Some names have changed. What about Duracell? They all received incentives, have provided fine jobs, pay taxes and for years have been good community citizens.

Column writer Ken Warren is ignorant of the work Mick Mulvaney has done with the State Department of Commerce in breaking down obstacles that were in place before he began his term in Columbia.

Mulvaney’s visit to China – on his own time and paying his own way – was not to promote free trade, but to establish contacts that could result in Chinese investment here. It worked when we brought BMW to Greer. I was fortunate to be on the State Development Board at that time and saw first-hand how difficult the process was.

Mick has built many contacts among fellow elected officials as well as agency people. He has the drive, intelligence and experience to work for us.

Mr. Warren’s repeated charges that Mick is only looking out for himself are false, vindictive and ridiculous. Letter writer Maggie Bowers asks, “Who are these dirty people in politics?” Looks as though we’ve found one.

L.R. Maguire