Mulvaney has experience we need in Senate

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By The Staff

I support S.C. Rep. Mick Mulvaney for the District 45 Senate seat. My experience with him has been consistently marked by his unbridled energy, enthusiasm and interest in his being a representative to all his constituents.

Coupled with his energy, interest and enthusiasm is a forward-looking, fiscally conservative insight into the political process and the sometimes questionable practices by some of our lawmakers. For example, witness the recent back-door pay raise that Mulvaney helped defeat.

Mulvaney has consistently demonstrated the willingness and ability to form alliances on both sides of the aisle to do what's best for his constituency. He is blatantly honest, and while I may occasionally question his vote in a matter, he has always willingly shared his reasons and for that I have the greatest respect for him. I would encourage any voter who might not know Rep. Mulvaney to contact him. You will find him very accessible.

Rep. Mulvaney has the experience we need in Columbia, especially now with our unemployment rate and burgeoning growth in many parts of our district.

His energy, enthusiasm, interest, insight, honesty, accessibility and experience constitute enough characteristics to warrant my support.

Clyde McFadden