Mulvaney. Haley call for return to principles

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By The Staff

Sam Slack’s guest column Sept. 15 might be subtitled “Label it libertarian " that makes it bad.” One might hope  ideas would get examined on their merits, not arbitrarily applied labels.  

For Mr. Slack’s last paragraph, in which he asks how the various social and economic policies espoused by Ms. Haley and Mr. Mulvaney would stand for the good of all people, I would offer the following comments.

Most of what Mick Mulvaney and Nikki Haley are saying derives from a few basic principles from which government has seriously strayed.

These are things like “tell the truth,” “take responsibility for what you do,” “pay your own bills” and “clean up your own mess.”  Especially in the last couple of years, government has been actively engaged in making sure the people do not know what it is doing, dumping its bills on future generations, blaming others for its actions and mistakes and creating large messes, then leaving them to be straightened out later.

What Mick and Nikki are saying is that government has to change and start paying attention to these basic principles again.

Certainly all the people will benefit if the government starts telling the truth in a transparent and timely manner, stops paying its current bills with long-term debt, starts taking responsibility for its own actions and mistakes and stops creating large messes to be straightened out later.

I would add one final comment " business creates wealth; government consumes wealth. If business is not profitable, creating wealth, there is no wealth to use to pay the taxes that support government. Government must always remember that if business is not profitable, government has no source of income.      

J.R. Wilt

Van Wyck