Mulvaney doesn't respect Lord's day

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By The Staff

I read Lisa Hough’s letter, “Those who pull political stunts think voters not ‘very smart,’ ” about Mick Mulvaney cutting grass on Sunday.

I, too, agree his actions disgraced himself. We, who are Christians and some who may not be Christians, still respect the Lord’s day.

If you can’t live by the Ten Commandments, then this tells me you don’t live by the Bible, either.

If you don’t live by God’s word then you don’t need to be in office. Our country needs people who stand for Christian beliefs and what the whole Bible teaches.

So, Mr. Mulvaney, my thoughts are where do you stand on Christianity? You were thinking about how good you made yourself look that you made yourself look very bad. The Bible plainly says that there should be no other Gods before me.

Your actions that Sunday tell me that your God was yourself.

It’s not about you, it’s about Jesus who died for you as he died for everyone. So, if you can’t give Jesus Christ a couple of hours on Sunday, then you can’t give our state what we need to get us out of the mess we are in.

Diane Pelkey