Mulvaney doesn't know our schools

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By The Staff

I recently noticed an obvious and hopefully, an innocent misprint in the March 9 edition of The Neighbors of York and Lancaster County in The Charlotte Observer.

The story was the coverage of S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford's support of Mick Mulvaney, a Republican candidate for the S.C. Senate 16 District.

The Lancaster News had already covered the story with the correct information. Along with the story was similar photo that was published in The Lancaster News. It was a photo of Sanford, Mulvaney and Mulvaney's wife.

The main reason for pointing out an erroneous quote from the Charlotte paper is to let the people be very clear where the Mulvaney children attend school.

The photo and story were making light of the fact that the Mulvaney triplets were missing school to appear with the governor and their parents for a campaign appearance.

The problem or better put, the misprint, says they were missing class from Indian Land Elementary School, which is not correct.

The truth is the Mulvaney children attend private schools in Charlotte. I respect and understand the fact that the Mulvaneys wish to send their kids to school in North Carolina. They have given their reasons why. They say it's because they chose Catholic schools. But, aren't there some good Catholic schools right here in South Carolina, too?

What I don't understand is why there seems to be a promotion in Mulvaney's campaign platform for support with my taxpayer dollars, along with the rest of the opposing-private-school-voucher citizens of South Carolina, to bring in private school vouchers.

I went to public schools, and my husband and I have a son entering University of South Carolina in the fall. We are both at least undergraduates or higher going back from kindergarten through 16 years. It was all public education.

Why does Mr. Mulvaney have it in for public schools with so much passion? He clearly accepts out-of-state contributions from pro advocate private school voucher donors.

He doesn't seem to have lived in Indian Land long enough to know so much about our wonderful schools.

I have lived in York County or Lancaster County for my entire 44 years, and wouldn't trade a single way of life as we have it now.

The Senate candidate we choose here in South Carolina District 16 should hands down be Mandy Powers Norrell. Her background identifies exactly with my own and countless others, and more importantly, our children's.

I, too, like Mandy have ancestors dating back to the original settlers - DAR members, the French Huguenots and many other honorable heritages.

I find it unbelievable she was criticized for something to be so proud of. South Carolina and its newcomers from the north should realize how much in common we have with each other.

After all, we are the original settlers of this country, and should be banding up together. We in the south welcome all the new Indian Land residents from all states.

All residents in S.C. Senate District 16 should take an extremely hard look at Mandy Powers Norrell in November.

Please go to her Web site or call her for her positions, as she makes them very clear.

She has all the compassion in the world. Please check all this out for yourselves, and become her ally as we need her more than ever.

Lillian B. Warren is a Lancaster County resident.