Mulvaney distorting Spratt's record

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By The Staff

It has been said that the first casualty of war is the truth. After reading an article in The Lancaster News entitled, “Mulvaney challenges Spratt on budget, taxes,” it seems truth is also a victim of Mr. Mulvaney’s attempt to unseat Mr. Spratt.

Mr. Mulvaney claims that the House of Representatives will fail to pass a budget for the first time since 1974. That is simply not true.

The last time the House failed to pass a budget was in 2006, when the Republicans were in the majority.

Mr. Mulvaney then attempted to equate developing a budget with failure to pay income taxes. Once again, that is just not true.

There is a big difference between developing a budget, something most of us do weekly or monthly, and paying taxes.

In fact, to get around the budgetary impasse and allow the House committees to do their jobs, Mr. Spratt proposed and got a resolution passed that actually reduces spending below what was proposed by the president.

You would think that Mr. Mulvaney would applaud Mr. Spratt’s efforts to control spending, instead of distorting and twisting his record, mixing apples and oranges, and engaging in a campaign of misinformation.

Is that really asking too much?

Wayne Bell