Ms. Brenda a great asset to library

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By The Staff

I am writing to express my appreciation of Brenda Parker, the children’s librarian at the Lancaster Library.

My grandchildren started coming to the library for Teddy Bear Time in 2005 when they were 3 and almost 2 years old. They were introduced to music, stories and educational games. They sang and heard stories using puppets.

They experienced Rhyme Time and were introduced to picking up and putting away using song as a way of encouragement.

At the end of each six week session there was a graduation with construction teddy bear ears and a diploma made by Ms. Brenda, music, pictures and refreshments brought by the parents. It was a fun time. I came with my daughter-in-law to help with and enjoy the kids.

Ms. Brenda did a good job. My grandchildren loved her.

They then advanced to Mother Goose Time where they continued to be introduced to new books, storytelling and often puppets were used. They made pictures, colored and cut them out and made crafts.

They have been part of the Summer Reading Program for six years and have always been encouraged by Ms. Brenda. This year they will get their sixth medal.

My grandchildren got their first library card at the Lancaster branch when they turned 5. They love the library and Ms. Brenda. Even though they live in North Carolina, their parents choose to pay $25 to be able to use the Lancaster Library largely because of Ms. Brenda. She has played an important role in their young lives. She continues to encourage them to read and allows them to put on puppet shows in the children’s side of the library.

For my part, I think she is a definite asset as the children’s librarian and I would like it on the record that she does an excellent job.

Maxine Jones