Mr. Leaphart always gave 100 percent

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By The Staff

I started Indian Land School in 1957 and finished in 1969. I was sad to hear of Mr. W.P. Leaphart passing.

A lot of newcomers I’m sure don’t know, but this man was the best of the best in what he did and guided a lot of students as he was a great teacher.

His knowledge was vast. He was a soft-spoken man who could point you to the correct way to do tasks. He was always helpful to the community as he ran the cannery in summer and taught adult classes in welding, small engines, etc.

Mr. Leaphart wore many hats as he would teach classes, head clubs, PTA, etc., sell ice cream at lunch, be out on a tractor cutting grass (in his shirt and tie) and running concession stands at ball games. He was 100 percent at all he did.

Thanks, Mr. Leaphart, for all you did. I know I speak for a lot of students who knew him. You were the best.

Joe Kitchen Sr.

Indian Land