Mr. Jack never met a stranger

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By W.B. Evans

I just returned from out-of-town, to learn that Jack Harper passed away Saturday night.

So much of Lancaster’s commercial district has disappeared and unfortunately, those who were so vital, are now passing from the scene also.

Jack was a life long friend who, at one time, operated a shoe store at Lancaster Square.

Prior to that, he was with Bailey-Rowell on Main Street. Jack outfitted many children and probably dyed more wedding shoes than anyone else. He was a fixture in the uptown business community.

Jack was a regular at Lancaster’s First Baptist Church where he served as deacon and member of the adult choir. He and his wife, Eunice, were members of the Coed Sunday School Class. His smile was contagious and he never met a stranger.

I am sure his next assignment will be in the Hallelujah Chorus.