Motorists, cyclists need to put safety first

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I almost hate to bring this up. It hasn’t been a problem lately, but it is  spring, finally, and I am not anxious to see the cyclists out again in the Marvin area.
I recently read “Info for Motorists” on the Florida Bicycle Association website, http://floridabicycle.org/for-motorists/, which I received from a Facebook friend. There must have been a reason. I hope I don’t encounter an accident.
From that page, I feel an undue sense of entitlement and confidence expected by the cyclist that may put them in danger.
Here are the basics I took away from this and feel are important to alert our community to:
1. Sharing the road – What do drivers believe or perceive to be the law is more important than the law itself. That is the reality of their actions.
2. The argument over whether cyclists belong on the asphalt. Common sense says yes, but, as a cyclist, what road would I chose for my ulimate safety?
3. There is a very good driver focus map on the Florida webpage.
4. Passing – Really, seriously, in the Marvin area?
5. My idea of basic transportation is getting from A to B safely. Our roads in Indian Land were certainly not designed for a cyclist’s entertainment.
I hope you all can use this info to create a little better awareness on both sides of this safety issue. Keep in mind not what we should be doing, but what are the perceptions of both the motorist and the cyclist, and how can you appeal to their sense of making the right choices for everyone’s safety.

Larry Scott
Indian Land