Motes posts exciting Extreme Four win

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Racing Report

By Michael Knight

David  “Pork Chop” Motes captured a photo finish win in the Extreme 4 (FWD) main event at Lancaster Super Speedway on Saturday, June 22.

The front row was Thomas Whitaker and David Laney. When the green flag fell, Whitaker, Laney, Motes and Jake Fitzgerald battled for the lead.

As the laps ticked off, Motes took the lead from Laney. Motes looked to pull away for the win, but  Laney closed the gap.

By this time, Mike Baucom, in car 97, was third, joining the front duo.

Coming to the white flag, the trio was all over each other and the fans went wild.

As the drivers exited turn four, Laney and Motes were side by side for a photo finish. Motes won in an exciting photo finish.

u In the Montgomery Towing Super Street Division, the front row had returning Brandy Baker and his son Andrew Baker. When the green flag fell, Brandy Baker, Andrew Baker, Timbo Mangum and Joey Engelbrecht roared into turn one, battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Brandy Baker and Andrew Baker were side by side for the lead as Timbo Mangum was close.

As the laps passed, Brandy Baker began to pull away from the field and this would leave Andrew Baker and Timbo to duel for second.

Mangum and Andrew Baker had the fans on their feet as both drivers battled.

During the race’s middle stages, both drivers made contact in turn two.

When the race restarted, it was all Brandy Baker in his return to LSS. The fans roared when he exited his Gambler machine.

u In the Deal 1 Auto Sale Crate Sportsman main, the front row had Jacob “Smooth” Catoe and Trey Tarlton. When the green flag fell, Catoe, Tarlton, Jeffrey McGuirt and Michael Hough battled for the lead. It took three tries to start the race until the field went single file.

Once the field went single file, Catoe led with Tarlton second. When the green fell, Catoe led the charge in turn one, but Tarlton dove below Catoe for the lead.

From then on, Tarlton started to pull away, but the man on a mission was the young and popular driver in No. 78, Hank Taylor.

Taylor started sixth, but worked his way through the field in a fast pace.

Once Taylor took second, you could hear his fans cheering. With about three laps left, a caution caused a three-lap shootout between Tartlon, Taylor and McGuirt.

Tarlton was the class of the field in taking the checkers.

u In the Cauthen Motors Pure Street main, the front row had Robbie Helms and Josh Langley.

At the green, Helms, Langley, Frankie McGuire and Steve Hinson roared into turn one battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, contact between the front runners sent Langley to the pits to change a flat.

When the green fell, Helms, Hinson, the returning Frankie McGuire and Mike Harrington battled for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn one, Helms led over Hinson and McGuire, who were side-by-side all the way down the back straightaway. Entering turn three, something broke on McGuire’s car and sent him into the turn 3 wall hard, but he was OK.

When the race restarted, Helms led over Chase Miller and Ryan Whitaker, but the drivers on a mission were Brandy Baker and Josh Langley. These ace drivers picked off cars.

As the laps ticked off, Helms led and Baker and Langley were third and fourth.

During the race’s late stages, Baker pulled to the bottom of the track as his car developed problems. This allowed Langley to take third.

Coming to the white flag out of turn three, Helms, Miller and Langley were threewide.

Helms’ No. 17 ride had a tire going down to allow Miller and Langley to get by Helms entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, both drivers made contact. Langley, roaring down the back straightaway in a drag race, got the run he needed entering turn three. Langley rallied from the rear as he did earlier this season to take the win with the crowd’s roar.

u The Lancaster Speedway Vintage main had the front row of Kenneth Deese and Mike Helms.

When the green fell, Deese, Mike Helms, Steve Helms and Ben Helms battled for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Deese led over Ben Helms.

As  the laps passed, the ever-so fast Ford Fairlane of Marty Spittle worked his way through the field.

Once Spittle took second, he ate into Deese’s lead in a fast pace.

Once Spittle caught Deese, he wasted  little time in taking the lead for the win.

u In the Heintz Performance Limited Late Models main, the front row had “The Rock Hill Bad Boy,” Ben Watkins and “The Royal Flush,” Timbo Mangum.

At the green, Watkins, Mangum, Daniel Tucker and Richie Corley roared into turn one battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Mangum led over Watkins.

As the laps started to tick off, Watkins put his No. 16 car on the high side and began to eat into Mangum’s lead.

On about lap seven, Watkins caught Mangum and dove below Mangum.These two ace drivers raced door to door as the crowd roared.

On lap eight, Watkins made his move on Mangum for the lead.

Watkins then showed his true power to gain the win.

On Saturday, June 29, LSS will be racing NDRA GM Performance Late Models, Montgomery Towing Super Street, Deal 1 Auto Sale Crate Sportsman, Cauthen Motors Pure Street, Lancaster Speedway Vintage and M&M, Garage Muffler & Tire Extreme 4 (FWD).

Regular admission prices will be for entry Saturday night at LSS.

If you missed any of the races this season, Jackie Sims will have DVDs for sale in the pits and grandstands for $10.

To learn more about Lancaster Super Speedway, or discuss your favorite driver, or the racing action, visit the track’s facebook group page, or go to www.Dirtracefans.com.

Super Street

Finish, start, car, driver, hometown, points

1. 2, 16, Brandy Baker, Lancaster, 36

2. 3, T1, Timbo Mangum, Lancaster, 34

3. 5, 11J, Johnny Starkey, Indian Land, 33

4. 6, 59, Evan Thomas. Lancaster, 32

5. 7, 55W, Walter Cook, Lancaster, 31

6. 1, 16B, Andrew Baker, Lancaster, 30

7. 9, 38, Lane Faulkenbery, Heath Springs, 29

8. 4, 55, Joseph Engelbrecht, Rock Hill, 28

9. 10, 7C, Cori Cox. Waxhaw, N.C., 27

Crate Sportsman

Finish, start, car, driver. hometown, points

1. 2, 01, Trey Tarlton, Blackstock, 36

2. 6, 78, Hank Taylor, Lancaster, 34

3. 3, 07, Jeffrey McGuirt, Lancaster, 33

4. 8, 30, Kevin Blackwell, Lancaster, 32

5. 1, 17, Jacob Catoe, Lancaster, 31

6. 4, 11/2, Michael Hough, Lancaster, 30

7. 7, 23, Brad Broome, Fort Mill, 29

8. 9, 16, Austin Baker, Lancaster, 28

9. 5, 29, Travis Payne, Lancaster, 27

10. 10, 29J, Justin Payne, Lancaster, 26

11. 11, K1, Mike Dunning, Monroe, N.C., 25

12. 13, 00, Jamie Thomasson, Rock Hill, 24

13. 12, 31, Joseph Cook, Lancaster, 23

Pure Street

Finish, start, car, driver, hometown, points

1. 2, 7, Josh Langley, Lancaster, 36

2. 5, 74, Elliott Miller, Monroe, N.C., 34

3. 7, 24, Ryan Whitaker, Lancaster, 33

4. 8, 30, Mike Harrington, Monroe, N.C., 32

5. 6, 75, James Marion, Fort Mill, 31

6. 10, 66, Matthew Harris, Lancaster, 30

7. 14, 13, Adam Leaird, Monroe, N.C., 29

8. 12, 52C, Mike Courtney, Marshville, N.C., 28

9. 1, 17, Robbie Helms, Heath Springs, 27

10. 11, 16B, Brandy Baker, Lancaster, 26

11. 3, 58, Frankie Mcguire, Rock Hill, 25

12. 4, 10, Steve Hinson, Lancaster, 24

13. 13, 3, Tanner Norris, Monroe, N.C., 23

14. 15, 22, Cody Baucom, Monroe, N.C., 22

15. 16, 40, Shaun Crook Monroe, N.C., 21

16. 9, 15, Mike Walden, Lancaster, 20


Finish, start, car, driver, hometown, points

1. 5, 45SR, Marty Spittle, Waxhaw, N.C., 36

2. 1, 3, Kenneth Deese, Monroe, N.C., 34

3. 2, 31, Mike Helms, Lancaster, 33

4. 4, 51, Benjamin Helms, Waxhaw, N.C., 32

5. 7, 01, Marty Batson, Monroe, N.C., 31

6. 6, 49, Don Burns, Lancaster, 30

7. 3, 41, Steve Helms, Waxhaw, N.C., 29

8. 8, 3D, Chris Fincher, Monroe, N.C., 28


Finish, start, car, driver, hometown, points

1. 4, 91, David Motes, Fort Mill, 36

2. 2, 12X, David Laney, Lancaster, 34

3. 8, 97, Mike Baucom, York, 33

4. 5, 33, Jake Fitzgerald, Marshville, N.C., 32

5. 7, 25, Scotty Steen, Lancaster, 31

6. 1, 54, Thomas Whitaker, Heath Springs, 30

7. 10, 12, Lonnie Laney, Lancaster, 29

8. 6, 14M, Steven Self, Lancaster, 28

9. 9, 8, David Whitaker, Lancaster, 27

Heintz Perfromance Late Models

Finish, start, car, driver, hometown, points

1. 1, 16M, Ben Watkins, Rock Hill, 36

2. 2, T1, Timbo Mangum, Lancaster, 34

3. 3, 81, Daniel Tucker, Mt. Pleasant, N.C., 33

4. 6, 4, Mike Huey, Chester, 32

5. 8, 03, David Yandle, Monroe, N.C, 31

6. 14, 47, John Pursley, Clover, 30

7. 9, 33, Shaun Medlin, Monroe, N.C., 29

8. 13, 28, Thomas Hedgpath, Chester, 28

9. 10, G2, Kevin Godwin, Blythewood, 27

10. 4, 04, Richie Corley, Leesville, 26

11. 5, 84, Jay Sessoms, Stanley, N.C., 25

12. 11, 32, Johnathan Edwards, Lake Wylie, 24

13. 7, F5, Richard Clew, Mocksville, N.C., 23

14. 15, 7, Michael Tucker, Kannapolis, N.C., 22

 15. 12, 88, Bill Stutler, Kershaw, 21