More housing = more traffic

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Crystal Stango

I couldn’t agree more with what Jane Tanner wrote in her April 2 guest column, “IL growth boom worrisome.” I think we have a lot to be nervous about with all the new homes being built in town.

The total number of units Ms. Tanner listed in her column adds up to 2,428. If each of those homes brings two vehicles to the area, we’re looking at almost 5,000 more cars on our already crowded roads in the next year or two.

Never mind how damaged the roads already are from the heavy construction vehicles, what are we going to do with this volume?

It takes me 25 to 30 minutes to get to work in Ballantyne now, and only if I leave home by 6:45 a.m. That trip used to take 10 to 12 minutes any time of day when I moved here in 2006.

Will I be sitting in traffic on U.S. 521 for an hour each way by 2015? I think so, and suspect it will stay that way for many years to come because who is going to pay for widening existing roads and constructing new roads?

All these private residences don’t seem to be balanced with businesses, where I would think bigger tax dollars would come from. Let’s face it, residential property taxes are cheap. That’s why most of us are here.

Sure, the taxes on new homes will go to the schools, but so will all the children living in those homes. That money won’t be a surplus.

Aside from the clump of unsightly gas stations near the S.C. 160/U.S. 521 intersection, Indian Land doesn’t seem to attract much business.

Transformation Church is building a mega-structure on 521 north across from Possum Hollow Road, but they don’t have to pay taxes, right?

They’ll be bringing in plenty of Sunday traffic, though!  Where is the shopping center I remember reading about some four or five years ago that was going to include anchor stores like Kohl’s and Best Buy?

That was also supposed to be the site of a long overdue Indian Land post office. Where are the movie theaters and recreation centers?

There really is nothing to do in Indian Land. We don’t even have a nice park where residents can picnic, play and jog.

Does the county prefer us taking our money into Mecklenburg County for shopping, movies, bowling, etc.?

I don’t know what Lancaster County Council can do to attract more business to our area, but if they can’t help on that end, they need to stop doing damage by approving all these new neighborhoods.

Crystal Stango is an Indian Land resident.