Miller touts experience, passion and work ethic

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By The Staff

Recently, I received a mailer from my Republican opponent. It was excellently prepared, and was an example of the value in hiring professional campaign management.

As a fiscally conservative Republican, I chose not to expend my resources for this style of campaigning. I write my own material, without the aid of experts and express my own thoughts and feelings on the subjects I address.

My campaign will not have fancy mailings and slick ads. Instead, look for personal delivery of my self-printed campaign literature and listen for the knock on your door. It will be me, wanting to speak to you about your issues and how I may represent them in Columbia.

My opponent has focused on specific points to promote her campaign. The questions that must be answered have to deal with what can I, as your next statehouse representative, do to accomplish our goals and needs?

To improve our economy, we need jobs, bringing more spendable cash back into the system.

I will personally seek out jobs and industry, both within our state and outside our borders and use the strength of my experience and negotiating ability to “bring home the bacon” to District 45.

Fighting for a constitutional amendment is setting up an adversarial battle against those who want to keep the status-quo.

While changes are needed, the tool I would use is negotiation. My approach is one that will get the legislators to listen to the needs of our district and work together to have them fulfilled.

On illegal immigration, my position is more direct and I have previously said, “If you have come here, legally, welcome and I applaud your choice to come to America.”

For those of us who remember Ellis Island and the hardships that those legal immigrants chose to endure, how can we, in good conscience, give acceptance and aid to lawbreakers who flaunt their illegality.

I will work with law enforcement, to rid our district, state and country of these criminals.

Illegal immigration should be spelled correctly and begins with a capital “F,” for felony and should be dealt with as such.

I will never offer platitudes or general statements about issues. I will always have a means to an end available to discuss and will always share my strategy to accomplish them.

With decades of owner/operator experience in small businesses, I am fully aware of the needs of the business community.

My political background has involved several campaigns; past and current presidential, U.S. Senate, U.S. House and California governor.

Also, as precinct chairman for the Orange County, Calif. GOP, I was responsible for a population of more than 700,000.

Knowing how to reach the right people and get things done are my strengths.

My personal work ethic, my drive, my passion for what I believe, my experience dealing with political situations, my tireless energy and my negotiating skills are what I offer to you as your next S.C. District 45 representative.

Allow me to put my abilities to work for all of us and vote Bruce Miller on June 10.

The future is not tomorrow, it is today.