Memory Lane Cruisers car show to honor HOPE

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The time has changed, spring is springing, and the old cars are starting to come out of their winter homes.
Memory Lane Cruisers of Lancaster is one of the oldest car clubs around. We were established in 1998 and we are still going strong. Memory Lane Cruisers was begun to promote an interest in classic cars to keep their memory alive.
Memory Lane also wants to introduce new generations to the beauty of older cars, when you could actually tell the type of car just by looking at it.
Memory Lane Cruisers has another purpose – to support those less fortunate than ourselves by giving back to the community.
Memory Lane has held car shows for the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, the Angel Tree participants at Christmas, HOPE in Lancaster Inc., Christian Services and individual families in need.
Procceds from this year’s Memory Lane Cruisers car show honor HOPE in Lancaster Inc. This year marks the 30th anniversary of HOPE and we are happy to be able to help them.
HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Effectively, has a powerful presence in Lancaster. From HOPE’s website: HOPE provides help to residents of Lancaster County and Fort Lawn who are coping with short-term financial emergencies.
After documenting and verifying a client’s emergency, HOPE may offer assistance with mortgage or rent, heating fuel, electricity, natural gas, water, food and household products.
We, at Memory Lane, are proud to be able to help HOPE this year and we encourage all of you in Lancaster and surrounding areas to join with us. Our car show is from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, May 4, in the parking lot of the old Kmart on North Main Street in Lancaster. Registration fee is $20.
Awards will be given to the top 25 cars or trucks and top three motorcycles or tractors. All cars, trucks, motorcycles and tractors are invited to participate. There is no year exclusion. Baked goods and hot dog plates will be sold. There will also be door prizes for the entrants, games and a 50/50 drawing available for anyone.
Join us on May 4 for a day of fun, reflection and enjoyment.
For details about Memory Lane Cruisers, call Tommy Hinson at (803) 416-2929 or Paul Kay at (803) 804-2329. You do not have to own a car to be a member of Memory Lane Cruisers. You just need an interest in cars and people.

Ricki Phipps