Meet your Neighbor: Jennifer L. Bryan

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Meet your neighbor

Age: 48
Address: Chesterfield Ave.
Family: Husband, Chandler, 49; one daughter, Julia, 14
Pets: Two beagloid mutts, Brutus and Brot; a cat, Miyuki
Job: Judicial Assistant, Lancaster County Probate Court
Church: First Presbyterian Church
Hobbies: Writing, living history, community theater and sewing
Favorite book: The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus
Favorite movie: “The Philadelphia Story” and “Notorious”
Favorite food: Dark chocolate
Favorite getaway: Hiding in my room with a good book.
Who are your heroes and why? My parents, Paul and Doris Lloret; they are two of the funniest and most courageous people I know.
What are you most proud of and why? My marriage and my daughter, but I can’t take credit for either!
Words you live by: “Too many people don’t understand the difference between somber and serious.”  – Russell Baker