Meet Your Neighbor – David Hagins

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Name: David Hagins
Age: 54
Address: Hagins Road (named for my granddad)
Family: Wife, Susan, 52; one daughter, Sadie, 17, and a son, D.J., 14  
Pets: Three cats, one dog and three goats
Job: Design engineer, Accutrex Products
Church: St. Luke United Methodist Church
Hobbies: Andrew Jackson High School sports (all of them)
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite movie: “Jeremiah Johnson”
Favorite food: Meatloaf
Favorite getaway: Charleston
What are you most proud of and why? The youth of St. Luke, for the way they carry themselves
Who is your hero and why? Any Philadelphia Phillies player
Words you live by: Always try to help others.