Medicaid expansion needed

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Kudos to the letter from Ralph and Bonnie Lawrance of Indian Land in The Lancaster News regarding South Carolina’s refusal to join in the Medicaid Expansion Program.

This is indeed a humanitarian issue, as it was pointed out that South Carolina has ranked near the

bottom of a list of the worst states in the nation in categories such as education, poverty, obesity and health issues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Yet the state’s elected officials continue to hold on to their personal political states’ rights ideologies, putting their constituents at unfair risk, just to preserve their self-serving interests.

My wife and I love living in beautiful South Carolina, where the folks are God-fearing, cordial and hospitable, but are being denied their rights as American citizens to live fuller, healthier lives.

Come on, senators and representatives, look at your state’s quality-of-life rankings; numbers don’t lie.   

Robert Giliberti

Indian Land