Mayer has strong feelings about new Warriors weights

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By Robert Howey

Indian Land High School athletic director Mike Mayer ranks the schools new weight facility with the states best.

The Warriors weight room, located in the gym area of the new high school, is complete with new weights.

A total of $29,495 was raised to purchase the new equipment which is featured in the weight room.

Our goal was $30,000 and all this money to pay for the equipment was raised from private donations, said Mayer, who made the first donation of $1,000 a year ago. We raised that $29,000 in about nine months. It was all paid for by the first day of school.

The new Warriors weight room, which is used by physical education classes and Indian Land High Schools girls and boys athletic teams, is 2,500 square feet. The old facility, which was built adjacent to the old Warriors gym at what is now the new Indian Land Middle School, was 1,350 square feet.

We are close to twice as big as we were before, Mayer said.

The facility features brand new equipment made by Rae Crowther Football Equipment in Rock Hill.

We have as nice of a facility as you will find in South Carolina, Mayer said. We ask a lot from our students and athletes and we feel we should give them the best.

The only items we brought from the old school were the mirrors, Mayer said.

The equipment includes 10 free weight stations 10 Patriot power racks with a multi-positioned bench. Each station, which has 450 pounds of weights, includes a seven-foot bar, curl bar and hex (hexagon) bar. The equipment also has 10 plyometric boxes used for exercises and agility.

The real plus of our new equipment and facility is that we can work out 40 students at one time, Mayer said. In the old weight room, we could only work out 24.

With our new equipment, a student can do a complete weight workout at one station, he said. Theres not any wondering around which helps in a safety issue. This also helps to make the instruction and supervision of the students more efficient. Its a much better set-up than the old school.

Mayer said the new facility offers two pluses.

The more participation we have in the weight program helps us in being successful by being bigger and strong, and bigger and strong also helps in the reduction of injuries, Mayer said. You want that strength to pay off as much as possible.

The Warriors weight room also includes an indoor blocking sled, which Mayer had input.

The blocking sled is three feet high and about seven feet long, he said. We can use it with our offensive and defensive lineman in teaching technique. It really helps when the weather is bad outside. The sled can still be used no matter whats going on outside.

Mayer said the Warriors new equipment is a result from the communitys commitment.

The community has stepped up for us, Mayer said. We have what we wanted and you dont find that in every community.

Mayer said the old equipment remained at the old school to be used for a middle school weight facility.

We still have some work to do on setting up the middle school weight room, but we will have a high school weight facility and one for the middle school which can only be a plus for us, Mayer said. I feel it going to make a major impact in our health and physical education classes and on the field of competition.