Mangum takes Super Street checkers

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Racing Report

By Michael Knight

Timbo Mangum won a tight battle to win the Super Street main to highlight Lancaster Motor Speedway action on Saturday night.

The Super Street front row had Mangum and Jody Bigham. At the green flag, Mangum, Bigham, Brandy Baker and Mike Broome roared into turn one for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Mangum, Bigham and Baker battled for the lead.

As the laps ticked off, Mangum, Bigham and Baker pulled away from the field. The fans roared as the three ace drivers produced one of the season’s top races.

Bigham looked under Mangum numerous times throughout the main coming down the straightaways only to see Mangum pull back by Bigham in the turns.

Baker made his presence known, pulling beside Bigham numerous times. The drivers went three-wide in some points throughout the main event.

Coming to the white flag, it was Mangum with a rear-end full of Bigham and Bigham with a rear-end full of Baker. Exiting turn two, Bigham was all over Mangum for the lead.

Entering turn three, Bigham gave it one last shot on Mangum only to see Mangum power out of turn four for the win.

The three drivers pulled on the front straightaway after the race and the fans roared.

Top 5: Mangum, Baker, Bigham, Joey Engelbrecht and Shaun Crook.

u In the Crate Sportsman main, the front row had Steve Saucier and Travis Payne.

When the green fell, it was Payne, Saucier, Jeffrey McGuirt and Kevin Blackwell battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Payne led over Saucier, McGuirt and Blackwell.

Payne set a blistering pace, and the man on a mission was Andrew Baker. Baker worked his way up to the front from his seventh starting slot. Back up front, Payne rolled to the win. Top 5: Payne, Saucier, Baker, McGuirt and Blackwell.

u In the Pure Street main, the front row was Jesse Carson and “The Buford Bandit,” Kevin Blackwell.

At the green, Blackwell, Carson, “Burn ‘Em Down” Steve Hinson and James Marion roared into turn one.

Exiting turn two, Blackwell led over Carson, Hinson and Marion.

As the laps passed, Blackwell began to show the true power of his 01 machine, pulling away.

Blackwell was in another area code as Carson and Hinson battled for second. Behind the leaders, the man on a mission was Josh Langley, who battled with Ryan Whitaker.

Once Langley passed Whitaker, he set a blistering pace in running down James Marion for fourth.

Up front, Blackwell cruised to the win. Top 5: Blackwell, Hinson, Carson, Marion and Langley.

u In the Stock 4 main, the front row was Blake Rollings and Patrick Norwood.

When the green flag fell, it was Norwood, Rollings, Evan Thomas and Andy Helms battling for the lead. Exiting turn two, Norwood led over Rollings, Thomas and Helms.

Norwood extended his lead on the way to the win.

Top 5: Norwood, Rollings, Thomas, Helms and Ethan Harrington. On a side note, Jennifer Brower made her LMS debut Saturday night and posted a seventh-place finish.

u In the NDRA GM Performance Late Model main, Ben Watkins and Brady Baker held the front row.

At the green, it was Watkins, Baker, Timbo Mangum and Pat Lindsay battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, it was Watkins, Baker, Mangum and Lindsay.

As the laps passed, “The Rock Hill Bad Boy,” Watkins worked the LMS high side to perfection in padding his lead over Baker. Baker had a chance at Watkins on a couple of late-race restarts, but Watkins took his second straight win. Top 5: Watkins, Baker, Mangum, Josh Harwell and Brandan Blackmon.

 u In the Vintage main, Mike Harrington and Mike Helms were on the front row.

When the green dropped, Harrington, Mike Helms, Steve Helms and Brian Crump battled for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Harrington led over Mike Helms, Steve Helms and Brian Crump.

Harrington began to pull away, but the man on a mission was Marty Spittle, who started in the rear.

As Spittle worked his way through the field, Harrington was on cruise control.

Harrington appeared to have an easy win, but once Spittle took second, a caution came to set up a duel between Harrington and Spittle.

On the restart, Harrington and Spittle gave it their all.

Spittle put the pressure on Harrington, but Harrington won.

Top 5: Harrington, Spittle, Steve Helms, Mike Helms and James Crump.

u In the $600 FWD/UCAR 17-car main, Harold Duncan took the win.

Duncan and Kasey Shane held the front row. At the green, Duncan, Shane, David Laney and Mike Baucom battled for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Shane led over Duncan, Baucom and Laney. Shane’s lead didn’t last as his No. 11K machine had problems to allow Duncan to take the lead, with Baucom and David “Porkchop” Motes  behind him.

Duncan led, but Baucom kept the pressure on.

Coming to the white flag, Duncan had Baucom on his bumper and a mirror full of Motes.

Coming out of turn four for the checkers, Duncan and Baucom made contact to send Duncan across the finish sideways and spinning around in front of the field with the rest of the field scrambling across the  line trying to avoid Duncan.

Duncan finished on the outside wall and was pulled in on the wrecker. As the wrecker was pulling Duncan into the pits, Duncan heard the fans’ roar.

Duncan took the $600 payday and new winner bonus of $100 which made his first career win $700.

Top 5: Duncan, Baucom, Motes, Laney and Scott Barrett.

u This Saturday night, LMS will host five divisions with Super Street, Crate Sportsman and Pure Street all paying $1,000 to win. The card also has the Vintage and FWD/UCAR.

If you missed action from Saturday night, or any race, Jackie Sims will have DVDs for sale in the pits and grandstands for $10.

 To get more details about LMS, visit the track website, www.lancastersuperspeedway.com, or visit www.Dirtracefans.com and register.