Man stabbed multiple times inside home

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Deputies still looking for suspect in May 24 assault

By Jesef Williams

Authorities are looking for a woman accused of stabbing a Lancaster man inside his home late last month.
A Lancaster County sheriff’s deputy came to The Forks store on Memorial Park Road shortly after 5:30 a.m. May 24 to speak with a man who had reportedly been stabbed in the chest moments earlier.
The man, who lives on Westway Apartment Drive, gave the deputy the name of the woman he said assaulted him with a knife.
The man said he and the woman “have not been in any intimate relationship and have never lived together.”
The two were sitting in his living room talking when he told her she had to leave because he had to get up in the morning for work, according to his recount in a sheriff’s office incident report.
He said the woman then began to yell and argue with him. She reportedly walked over  to him, said “I have something to show you” and pulled out a knife.
He said she stabbed him in the left collarbone and left a small cut on the right side of his chest. When he put his hands up to block the assault, he was cut twice on his right arm, the report said.
The man said as he started to leave the home, the woman was still threatening him with the knife. He walked to The Forks, where he asked the store clerk to call 911.
He said the woman walked over to a home on Memorial Park Road and started knocking on the door, though he didn’t see if she entered, the report said.
While at The Forks, the deputy noticed the man’s cuts and wounds.
Emergency Medical Services personnel told the man he would need to be taken to the hospital for stitches.
He refused to be taken, saying he would get his boss to take him.
Deputies later went to the man’s home and the home on Memorial Park Road to find the accused assailant. She wasn’t at either location.
At the time of the report, a deputy said he’s unable to pursue any criminal charges because the woman had not been positively  identified.

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